About the Artist...

Kevin McKelvy is a fifty seven year old amateur artist from Southwest Missouri. He began college as an art major in the early seventies but changed his direction to psychology and education before eventually earning a degree in HR from Bartlesville Wesleyan University. Kevin also enjoyed a protracted stint as a musician, playing guitar and bass professionally for nearly sixteen years before landing in the transportation business. He currently serves as Vice President of Administration for the R&R Transportation Group. R&R is one of North America’s premier, specialized carriers of ultra sensitive cargo for government and commercial entities.

After a nearly 35 year hiatus, Kevin was mysteriously drawn back into the art world in 2007. Feeling an undeniable urge to paint again, he produced eleven jazz and blues musician portraits in a collection dubbed “Music to my Eyes”. Each 24”X48” piece is acrylic on hardboard with a combination of airbrush and traditional hand work.

Following the election of Barrack Obama, Kevin could not shake the desire to commemorate this historic event but wanted to do so in a unique way. After a great deal of meditative reflection he awoke one spring morning in 2008 with a novel idea. The idea was to present two images in one piece that would change as the viewing perspective changed. The subjects came easy to him. President Obama of course, and Abraham Lincoln, the president whose actions set into motion the political and social transformations that would allow an African American to be elected to the highest office in this great land. After much trial and error, two originals were created and blended into one unique piece of art. The originals are acrylic on canvas. Barrack Obama is an artist representation created from a Jim Young photo (2008 Reuters/Young). Artist representation of Abraham Lincoln is based on a photo by Alexander Gardner (1863 Public Domain).

That piece ultimately led to the entire series he now refers to as “One Life”. Sixteen originals were created to produce eight blended visions of social, political and religious icons from around the globe. “One Life” is his challenge to you. Can you see beyond the labels, affiliations and tribalism that rocks the world today and threatens the very survival of mankind?